piaffepassage's 2,500 follower giveaway!

Since I have over 2,500 of you amazing people following me now I thought it was time for a giveaway!

- show jacket size UK 10, it has a crushed velvet black collar and is dark navy with a subtle black check through it! Really pretty and nicely tailored
- brand new Roma brushing boots, size medium and large
- two ELT shirts one is size 40 and the blue striped is UK 8-10, I wore the blue in my first PSG so it might be a lucky shirt!
-white saddle blanket with bronze piping, used on Gio once!

I am also going to giveaway a pair of used black Cavallo dressage boots but because they are small sized I will do a separate post so someone that size wins them!


Must be following me!

Reblogs only, reblog as many times as you want

Finishes 31 Aug but I may bring this date forward :) 😊✔️

If a Kiwi wins this then there will be some other goodies added like horse treats etc :)

I also reserve the right to change rules if I have forgotten something! I might add some stuff into to!

Last day everyone!